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If you have questions about our products, custom work, or if you have general questions about bookbinding, letterpress, or toolmaking we would love to hear from you!

Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Crowing Hens Bindery is a one-woman bindery and letterpress print shop that specializes in traditional handmade blank books, letterpress printed stationery, limited edition fine art prints, unique book jewelry & letterpress-printed decorative papers. As the owner of a Nashville-based private business, I do my best to honor the heritage of fine craft and art that saturates my community and region. All of my products are designed and made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee from high quality materials available using traditional bookbinding techniques. I aspire to create beautiful, useful work that becomes a part of your everyday life.

Art, Wine & Springbacks!


Bookbinding, printmaking, and toolmaking are elements of my business and my profession but they're not necessarily in step with today's fast paced digital culture. 

This blog, "Meet Mary" will be an opportunity for me to demystify my work and allow me to describe my products and their manufacture in greater detail. Whether I'm working on a production run for a new run of springbacks, developing a new line of decorative papers, or experimenting with new techniques or materials for boutique tools, my goal is for you to be able to see my work in progress and get to know me as a person, craftsman, and small business owner.

Art, Wine & Springbacks!

Mary Sullivan

This month in honor of my participation at "TREND" presented by RAW:Nashville I'm featuring my Scribe springback journals. Why? Because I'm GIVING ONE AWAY! 

To enter the drawing for an in stock Scribe springback journal of your choice, (an $85 value), purchase your tickets—only $15 each!—on my RAW:Nashville profile page to attend TREND on Tuesday, June 28th from 7pm-11pm at City Winery in Nashville, TN. One entry into the drawing per ticket, multiple tickets equals multiple entries! More details here.

So, what is a springback, and why is it so special? My 'Scribe' springback journals are a deluxe, traditionally hand-bound, and user-friendly journal for those who love writing and illustrating and want a special place to keep their words and ideas safe and sound. I make each one entirely by hand, including the custom spring that gives each book its signature "spring" action. This style of binding is overbuilt, meaning that it is built to withstand regular use and abuse. So it will last a long, long time, well after you're done using it.


Stop wrestling with other journals held together with coils and glue. The Scribe springback journals are designed with the writer in mind. In fact, they are one of the few bindings throughout history designed specifically to be written in! Scribe springback journals are perfect for both right & left handed folks because they opens completely flat, with no obstruction in the gutter. After writing in one of these, you won't want to write in anything else! And the best part, they're made entirely by hand from archival and ethically sourced materials in Nashville, TN by yours truly. You want one. I know you do! And you could win your very own!

Join me at the City Winery in Nashville, TN on June 28th at TREND and be entered to win your very own Scribe springback journal —an $85 value— for the cost of a $15 ticket! Buy your tickets here on my RAW artist profile page to be entered. 

DISCLAIMER!!! Yes, tickets are available on the RAW:Artist Nashville homepage & they are the exact same price. However, if you want to be entered to win one of these fabulous journals, you MUST purchase your ticket on my RAW:Artist profile. Why? It's simple, I can see tickets purchased from my profile page. I cannot, however see tickets purchased anywhere else on the site. Tickets purchased anywhere other than on my RAW:Artist profile will not be eligible for this drawing. So get your tickets here! Don't miss out!