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Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Crowing Hens Bindery is a one-woman bindery and letterpress print shop that specializes in traditional handmade blank books, letterpress printed stationery, limited edition fine art prints, unique book jewelry & letterpress-printed decorative papers. As the owner of a Nashville-based private business, I do my best to honor the heritage of fine craft and art that saturates my community and region. All of my products are designed and made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee from high quality materials available using traditional bookbinding techniques. I aspire to create beautiful, useful work that becomes a part of your everyday life.


Traditionally crafted books and paper goods

Handmade books, letterpress-printed stationery & limited edition art prints designed and made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee.

Whether you keep a journal, write letters, or collect photographs, handmade books & letterpress printed stationery become sentimental artifacts & treasured family heirlooms that will last for generations.

Crowing Hens Bindery featured on Tennessee Crossroads

Producer Rob Wilds of Tennessee Crossroads spent some time with me in the bindery earlier this year to talk about my love of books, small business entrepreneurship, and my passion for the trade of stationery bookbinding. Check out my segment below!

Journals designed by hand. Built to last.

Daily journaling, sketching, or doodling—the difference in a handbound book is that it is designed with the writer in mind. Every journal and notebook made at Crowing Hens Bindery is designed using traditional bookbinding methods and archival materials to ensure that it is a pleasure to use and that it will last for generations. Stop wrestling with your machine-made journals that fall apart after a year and treat yourself to a well made journal from Crowing Hens Bindery.

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Questions? Comments? Contact me!

Questions? Comments? Contact me!

  • Gina L. - Brentwood, TN— "I love all things hand-made -- so the items from Crowing Hens Bindery caught my attention purely for that reason -- but I appreciate the incredible attention to detail Mary Sullivan brings to her work. From the beautifully-made items to the careful packaging to the hand-written note, my order was perfect. The fact that it arrived (with shipping) less than 48 hours after I placed my order is the stuff of miracles. CHB is on my short list for future gift and personal purchases."

  • Anne K. - Atlanta, GA— "Heaven has a library with a Special Collections Department. I know this because the Media Specialist Angel Corp must be sponsoring, protecting, inspiring the rare few who keep this art alive. Crowing Hens is as rare and daring as the name implies."

  • Phedora P.— "It's not simply that you're one in a million, you're one in a billion. Maybe more. You're not only studying book binding and print making, you're practicing it. And the outcomes are tremendous. Keep it up. Maybe our "civilization" won't fall into the dark ages again after all."